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Mechanic Sherwood

Are you looking for an auto mechanic in Sherwood? You don’t need to look any further than Paragon Auto Repair. Paragon Auto Repair has been serving Sherwood residents with quality mechanic Sherwood work for years. They have built a solid reputation in the car repair industry.  If you need a mechanic Sherwood who can diagnose your car’s problems accurately the first time, we’re the ones to see! We’ve been in business for over 28 years and want to provide you mechanic Sherwood services for life!

It makes no difference if you want a brake repair, oil change, clutch repair or just needing factory maintenance done; we have the skilled mechanic Sherwood that can repair your car properly. Maybe your car’s timing belt just broke or is getting ready to break.  Maybe your car’s tires need to be changed or you’re having a suspension issue. When it comes to automobiles, we are you’re one stop with the mechanic Sherwood that you’ll trust and feel confident in.

When it comes to cars, there are not many services we don’t cover. Looking for an unusual but most welcomed gift idea? Why not give a gift certificate to a loved one for a mechanic Sherwood service? How about a car detailing gift certificate. Paragon Auto offers an unbeatable and comprehensive car detailing at a price affordable and that will fit in your budget. What about a new restoration job for front headlights? One of our mechanic Sherwood team members can accommodate you with the service. It’s an awesome process that takes your headlights from being old and dingy looking to a looking brand new. What a great service idea for a car enthusiast.

mechanic Sherwood Repair Sherwood Garage

Our mechanic Sherwood can provide factory maintenance on your car or truck fleet as well. Come in and let us get your automobiles handling the way they were meant to. Feel secure on the next road trip you take and know that our mechanic Sherwood service will keep your car running dependably. We have a solid reputation in the Sherwood community and are proud to be part of the area.

Call us today at 503-692-4930 and talk with one of our mechanic Sherwood team members about scheduling your automobile services.

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